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Insurance Restoration

Damage to your home from hail and wind can leave your home susceptible to the elements. Roof damage especially will cause your shingles to deteriorate prematurely, causing your roof to leak. This usually occurs several years after the hail has damaged the roof. Insurance companies, on average, allow homeowner’s only (1) year from the date of a hail storm to file a claim. When a homeowner misses the window to file a claim, they ultimately become financially responsible for repairing the damage. In some cases, the insurance carrier may then require the homeowner to replace the roof in order to retain their policy.

Upon request, our trained Restoration analysts will give you a professional inspection of your home and can assist you with your insurance claim and restoration of your home, from start to finish. Please see the facts and fictions of hail damage as presented by Angie’s List and contact us today for your free, no-obligation inspection.