Davis Exteriors

Soffits & Gutters


Your soffits can protect your home from the elements as well as, allow for proper attic ventilation. The vents in your soffits are your attic’s air intakes and work in conjunction with your roof vents. Without proper soffit venting, your home is susceptible to ice dams and condensation issues. Davis Exteriors can install new aluminum soffit panels, from Cutting Edge Aluminum, to increase to appearance of your home as well as ensure your attic is getting the required ventilation.


The gutter system is also important when it comes to the protection of your home. Without the right gutter system installed, you’re liable to have water issues relating to interior drywall damage, foundation leaks, and washouts of your landscaping. Davis Exteriors can provide you with new seamless aluminum gutters from Cutting Edge Aluminum that are available in many different colors. We can also provide you with new copper gutters to enhance your home’s appearance that much more!


Your gutters are only as strong as the fascia boards they are attached to. If the aluminum wrap is compromised, water may infiltrate your fascia boards and cause them to rot. Davis Exteriors can replace rotted fascia boards and wrap them in new aluminum to eliminate future rotting or put an end to costly paint jobs.


Leaf X of Chicago

Davis Exteriors has partnered with Leaf X of Chicago, LLC to exclusively provide you an ultra-low profile gutter cap that can add years to your gutter system as well as eliminate the headaches of cleaning your gutters twice a year. To learn more click here